See you soon, honey~
Today I leave for Seattle sometime around six. Costumes complete, suitcase is packed, everything is ready. I just need to go now. I'm in the middle of class and I'm waiting for some bitch to come back with the camera. I need it~ Aw well, goodbye for now.

Raise departed tonight @ 6:00 PM for Seattle, WA. Return flight next Saturday.

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Saturday night I saw Kill Bill Vol.2, which I have mixed feelings about. I liked it, but the slow dialogue was boring and it was overly gorey. I can't wait to see Vol. 1.

Yesterday I finished the Yuna costume. Which I can't decide if I screwed up or not. I made some stuff up on the half skirt thingy because I couldn't make it right. And then I might have sewed it on the wrong side. I think it should go on my left side, because when I watched the video, I would be correct. But if I look in the mirror, its on the wrong side.

BTW, this could lead to a rant about how much I hate mirrors and how I'll only know the reverse version of my face. I'm not sure which color eye is which either. I think the green eye goes on the right and the blue one on the left, yes? And the earring is on the right side too?

Anyways, I'll be busy all week, trying to make up the work I'll miss tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have time to go to sans house and watch Kill Bill Vol. 1.

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I'm sitting in class . . . It's so boring. I just finished a project which I hope will be worth at least 90 points, I need to raise my grade. I also need to see my counselor later and turn in my forms for my junior classes. I really am dislikng school at the moment, stupid waste of time I say.

San has taken the liberty of forcing her parents to make her Miwako outfit. Now I'm free of the costume, and have more time to work on mine. Unforunately, its ticking me off, so it'll be a few days until I finish it. I have like . . . 8-9 days left. I have to make my sisters too, but I'm not worried about it yet.

I wish my tablet was working. I'm so behind in commissions I think people will start getting irritated with me. Hopefully they'll stay patient though. Just one more month at least.

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I didn't want to mention it until the tickets are bought, but I am so close to going to Seattle to visit my Grandma and attending Sakura con. If everything goes well at least. San is coming with me, which will make this trip even more exciting. I'm going to dress as Songstress Yuna from FFX-2 and san is going as Miwako from Paradise Kiss. My sister is going to dress as Puchiko from Digi Charat, she'll be so cute.

I'll be responsible for all three costumes, and I have two weeks to complete them. I can do it, right? I hope so. I'm half way through the Yuna shirt, and I need to buy more fabric. I need fabric for my sister's costume too. For sans costume I'm just going to buy a dress or skirt and customize it. I got to go now. Stupid pledge.

bad nachos. ou.
I went to school monday, learned nothing important, and have missed school for the passed three days (today included). It's not like I planned being sick over spring break, only to discover my sickness getting worse over the weekend and then me missing most of my week at school. I swear.

Anyways, I've been hacking my lungs up for the past week to no avail because I think I've spit out any lung juices I may have developed. Now I just have dry pointless coughs, kind of like choking but not. Last night I experienced the worst cramps I've ever felt, and so I'm here instead of at school like I planned on doing.

I just can't wait for the stack of homework that will be awaiting me come tomorrow.

[Can't hear you!]
Woohoo, I just finished another CG. That took me a couple days because I'm lazy and I stayed over @ san's house last night. I made plans with Jina to go over today. We will make brownies, watch GetBackers and Hercules, as well as play DDR. Finally doing something fun this spring break.

Played Pokemon with san lots, watched Top Model, and slept lots. [Go Yoanna!] I need to clean my room and stopping stuffing my face with yummy udon. I want ice cream, but we have none. Aw, I'll return someday.

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I am so tired.

But I had to update. I just had to. Even though nothing important happened.

I just finished a crappy CG for a contest on Gaia. It stands no chance, but I'm glad I finish and started a single CG in one night. I think thats some sort of record.

The past few nights I have spent playing Kingdom Hearts. (Again.) I killed Kurt Zisa, Phantom, and obtained the Ultima weapon. So like a happy kid, I went to kick the crap out of Ansem, succeeded, and then in the middle of the credits, the game froze. I tried again the next night, same result.

Solution: Rent game, trade discs.

Now I have Blockbuster's Kingdom Hearts, which doesn't skip or freeze. I beat it tonight with my little sister and we enjoyed watching [Another Side, Another Story] secret video on my 10 inch TV screen. (Come to think of it, I think my computer moniter is bigger than my TV screen.)

I have a severe pain in my neck and gave felt feverish all night, so without me wasting more time, I'm going to bed.

It's only 3 periods away. . .
I suppose I should update. My San has been sick on Monday and Wednesday, and she still is but came to school today. We've continually kept playing Pokemon and trading to update our Pokedexters.

My art teacher told me he put one of my drawings in the art museum for a youth art show and we went to the ceremony on Tuesday. I guess I should have felt special and enjoyed myself, but I really hated it. It made feel small and just like a speck in the middle of a dust pile. It made me sick so next time I have somthing put in a show, I'm not going. Unless the show is completely about me and I have no one else to compare myself to. Call it self centered, I don't care.

I spent the afternoon with my little sister yesterday. We played DDR, Silent Hill 2, and Mario Kart. We enjoyed ourselves afterward with Pokemon and chocolate.

As for today . . . I'm just waiting for school to end. My grades are shit, but its just the quater. It doesn't count for anything until the end of the semester.

Reminder for self: Go here and fill out application and then bitch at Mr.Matz to let me take AP Art Studio.

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I had a really sweet dream last night. So sweet, it hurt a little to wake up in the morning. I realized just how lonely I am, even though I try to ignore it most of the time.

This all made me kind of sour for the rest of the day, but I should be forgetting about it soon since its the weekend. I can't wait to sleep, but I figured I out to wait a while before I nap.

Maybe I'll update later. Make some icons this weekend of something, I haven't done that recently.

B-day joy for away.
My morning's been crappy, but today won't be about me. Today is kaworu's birthday, therefore this entry is for her.

Please click on the Kirk to see your present. If i don't get a reply from you, I am going to stalk you until I do. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that your wrists feel better.



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